Player Safety

Incident report

If a Shrewsbury Little League player is seriously injured during a game, practice, or other league-approved activity that may or may not require medical attention, league officials (manager/coach, etc.) should follow these steps:


  • Administer any initial first aid treatment (if necessary).
  • Contact the player’s parent or legal guardian if they are not onsite at the time of the incident
  • Document the incident with as much detail as possible using the league-created form.


The Little League Incident Report Form provides information of an event involving a mishap, injury, or other unusual activity. The info needs to include the person affected, a description of the incident, and any involved parties or witnesses.

USA Baseball Abuse Awareness Training

USA Baseball has created two of its own FREE Abuse Awareness online courses – one for adults and one for minors – for the general public. These courses will satisfy the requirement for all baseball organizations outside of USA Baseball’s covered individuals and its local affiliate organizations.

Click here to take the USA Baseball Abuse Awareness for Adults.

Concussion Training

Concussions are serious injuries. To Improve coaches knowledge around the identification of concussions, Shrewsbury Little League coaches are encouraged to take this free online training.  You will learn how to talk about, prevent, and respond to concussions. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field.

HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training | HEADS UP | CDC Injury Center