Softball Throwing and Catching Drills

Quick Hands Drill - Player on knees, drop ball in front pick up with glove & transition to throwing hand & separate (1:41), can adapt to toss to self then players can toss to each other (4:13)

Reverse Rocker Drill - Stand facing away of partner or wall.  lift throwing leg, rock back turn hop and throw to wall or partner.

Half kneeling turn and throw drill - Kneel on one knee away from partner, stand turn and plant throwing leg, stride and throw

Wall Ball Drill -  Players using a tennis ball throw/catch and repeat against a wall on their own to develop hand eye and quick transfer skills.  Can start with one ball and move to two.

First Base catching Drill - using a ladder, player steps fwd to receive ball, side tosses it, steps back and then fwd again in the next box, mimicking a catch at first base.

Relay Race Drill - Players form 2 or 3 lines, throw ball to partner behind so ball goes down and back up the line.

Pivot Throws -

Outfield Throw -

Half Kneeling Arm Behind Drill