Softball Parent Q&A

When do seasons begin and end?
Shrewsbury has league play during three seasons; spring, summer and fall and hosts a series of winter clinics. The following season start/end dates are approximate:
Spring: From approximately April 15 through June 15;
Summer: From June 15 through July 25;
Fall: From the week after Labor Day through around October 25.
Winter: See below for clinic schedule
When do signups begin and end for each season?
Spring: From December 1 through March 15;
Summer: From May 1st through June 1st;
Fall: From July 1st through August 31st
Winter: See below for clinic sign up schedule
*All dates are approximate.
When do clinics begin and end?
The league sponsors several clinics throughout the year to help players improve their overall skills. Because the fall season is considered “developmental” the fall clinic is included with tuition but most other clinics are offered at an additional fee. Clinics are an essential part of the player improvement experience and  players are encouraged to participate in as many clinics as possible.
Winter All-skills Clinics: Begin in February and run about 5 weeks (signups begin in December).
Pitching Clinic: Begins in January and generally run about 8 weeks (signups begin in December).
Fall All-skills Clinic: Run by the team coaches and are complementary to fall team practices. The fall clinic is mandatory for all team players and is included in player fall tuitions (players who are not participating in the fall program also have the ability to sign up for the fall clinic at a reduced cost).
Catching Clinic: periodically in the winter.
How are players assigned to Divisions?
There are five divisions: Teeball (U6), Rookie (U8), Minors (U10), Majors (U12) and Seniors (U14 – U16). Players are assigned to a Division based upon their age on August 31st of the prior year (you will automatically be directed and assigned to the right division during enrollment).
How are players assigned to teams?
Teams are chosen through a draft selection process based on player evaluations (see below). The league recognizes that there will be players of all experience levels and abilities, and there is a place for every player who wants to participate in the sport of softball. No player will be turned away due to inexperience or skill level. During the spring season, teams are drafted so that each team is relatively
equal in skill level. During the summer and fall season, players may be selected for teams that are either more competitive/All-star level or more recreational/developmental, based upon their skill level. In the fall season, players are advanced to the next age division in preparation for the upcoming spring season. Although the fall season has playoffs, the fall season is intended to be developmental for all players. Tee-ball and Rookie players are not drafted and are randomly divided among teams in all seasons. In creating teams, we strive to provide a place where girls at every skill level will feel comfortable (not
overmatched and not bored).
How are player skill levels assessed during evaluations?
Minors and Majors players participate in a one day evaluation that takes place in mid-January. The evaluations are not a tryout, they are a way for coaches to evaluate a player’s overall ability so that the league can created balanced teams. Players are assessed on a scale from 1 – 15 in the following categories: Throwing, Catching, Outfield (pop-flies); Infield (ground balls) and Hitting (tee and front toss). Pitchers and Catchers are also separately evaluated for those particular skills. Tee-ball, Rookie and Senior players do not participate in player evaluations.
My child is new to softball, what equipment do they need?
A fielding glove is mandatory but does not need to be expensive. A glove from Target or Walmart is adequate. Beyond that, Shrewsbury Girls Softball has fielding masks, helmets, and bats that can be borrowed and returned after each practice/game. If your daughter does not want to use a loaned batting helmet or fielding mask, you may wish to purchase your own. Batting helmets must have a front face cage and fielding masks should be metal (not plastic). The Shrewsbury Little League website has sizing information for gloves and bats.
How do I know who my coach is?
You should be contacted by your coach or the league commissioner at least two weeks prior to the beginning of each season. If you have not heard from your coach by then, please contact the Commissioner. If you do know your Commissioner, you can contact
When are uniforms distributed?
Uniforms are distributed by coaches either prior to the first game or in some instances at the first game. Spring uniforms consist of a jersey, pants and socks. Players will keep their spring uniforms for summer and fall play. If your daughter’s uniform no longer fits, is torn, or she did not participate in the spring season, the league will provide a replacement or new uniform upon request.
When are games and practices held?
During the spring and summer, teams play two games and have one practice per week (except Tee-ball where there are no games and Rookie where there is one game per week). During the fall, games are played once per week and on weekends. Practice scheduling is at the discretion of the coaching staff who attempt to accommodate player schedules as much as possible. Games are generally scheduled on the same night each week, but days and times can change due to rain or scheduling conflicts. During the spring, games and most practices occur on weekends and after school on the weekdays. In the summer
season, all games and practices occur on weekday evenings (4pm – 8pm) to accommodate players who are involved in club/travel softball and for the convenience of families who want to spend time together on weekends.
What if my daughter cannot make a game or practice?
We understand that from time to time your daughter may not be able to make a game or practice. Since softball is a team sport, we encourage all players to attend as many games or practices as possible and to let your coach know if you cannot attend a particular session.
Where are games played?
Shrewsbury plays in the Twin Valley League which is composed of several surrounding towns in central Massachusetts. Girls will travel outside of Shrewsbury for about ¼ of their games. We believe that giving girls the opportunity to play outside of their own town creates healthy competition and is
more interesting and exciting for the players. Games that are played in Shrewsbury are either played at Dean Park, Maple Ave., Oak Middle School, or Edgemere field. Away games are generally within a 10 – 30 minute drive or shorter. Rookie and Tee-ball players do not travel.
When are playoffs?
TVL playoffs occur during the last week of each season. In addition, during the spring season, Shrewsbury also holds a Shrewsbury only championship which occurs on Father’s Day weekend and where a Shrewsbury champion for each division is crowned. Teeball players do not participate in playoffs.
What is the difference between Shrewsbury Little League and travel/club softball?
In addition to its seasonal and clinic opportunities, there is an opportunity for select players at the 10U level and above to participate on a “travel” or “club” team. Players must be selected to participate on the team through a tryout process, and there is an additional cost associated with participation on
the travel team if a player is selected. Tryouts for the travel team are held at the end of July/beginning of August. The in-town travel team, “The Colonials” is not affiliated with Shrewsbury Little League but is composed primarily of Shrewsbury players and coaches. For more information about travel
opportunities, please contact
Can my child play other activities along with softball?
Yes, the league feels strongly that players participating in other activities along with softball help develop well rounded players and provide valuable life skills such as making new friends and time management skills. Coaches, Commissioners and our Board understands players may miss practices and
games due to conflicting activities and will work to accommodate that need. We ask families to notify the league during the registration process and communicate with the coach regarding potential conflicts.
Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
You should start by contacting your coach. If the question cannot be solved by the coach or involves the coach, you can reach out to your league Commissioner. If neither of those people can assist, you can contact the VP’s of Softball (Carissa Olsen and Mike Pellini) at