Softball Infield Drills

Foot up and Step drill - Player starts with glove foot up, coach rolls the ball and player steps towards the ball to try and field the ball on the inside of the glove foot. (4:20)

PVC Pick - Feet behind PVC pipe, coach roll ball to player, player field with glove in front of PVC

Stutter Step Drill - set up 2 cones, player starts at 2nd cone, stutter steps then moves to 1st, stutter steps, moves forward towards coach while the coach rolls the ball. (3:30)

Shuffle Down the line - partners shuffle rolling the ball to one another, then shuffle and toss the ball, eventually shuffle, roll ball for a back hand.

Everydays - Players roll ball back and forth with a partner to focus on glove work in front, forehand and backhand.

Bucket Drill - Players run towards coach, staying down, field and hand ball to coach then round coach and move to next bucket.

Infield stay low Drill - Coaches/players hold PVC pipe or rope at chest high.  Player gets into ready position, stays low and moves fwd under pipe to field ball.

Softball Volleyball Drill - Set PVC pipe on ground, players face each other and only using their glove field and toss the ball to the other side

Backhand and Forehand Drill - Using a ladder, player moves across keeping one foot in the box, coach rolls ball backhand and forehand for player to move across and fwd at the same time.

Movement flow Drill - moving around pipes or cones, coach rolls ball for player to field on inside of glove foot.

L Drill - Focus on player shifting feet around L to set for throw.